Tiger Woods waiting for more columnists to chime in before deciding what to do

Tiger Woods' only public comments about a driving incident outside his home late Thanksgiving night was a short statement on his official web site. Meanwhile, a storm of attention has swirled around the golfer and his wife. Many have asked Woods to be more forthcoming with details. Some have said he owes the public no explanation. But today, in just his second comments since the accident, Woods said he is biding his time. "I still want to hear the advice of a few more of our nation's esteemed sportswriters," said Woods. "They have made it clear that they know what's best for me. And there's a couple guys at FoxSports.com, one at Sportsline.com and a handful of columnists at major dailies who have yet to give me advice. Until that happens, I don't think it would be wise of me to act in any way. Almost to a man, these guys have their lives in order, so I want to hear them out. That is all for now."