Tiger Woods Set to Receive $4,314.29 from His Wife in Prenup

Tiger Woods and his wife remain together despite the golfer's "transgressions," but sources close to the couple say Woods is reviewing the terms of their prenuptial agreement which would currently pay him $4,314.29 if he and Elin divorce.
"Elin worked for my family as a nanny before she married Tiger," said golfer Jesper Parnevik. "She didn't make a lot of money — room and board were free, of course — but she was good with it and I know she socked some away in savings."
Because of that thriftiness, Elin Woods (nee Nordegren) insisted that Tiger sign a prenuptial agreement before they married in 2005.
"Golf is a fickle game," said a longtime friend of Elin's. "Your talent can just leave you. Look at someone like David Duval. Elin didn't want that to happen to Tiger, see him go broke and then have him clean her out in a costly divorce. She had been saving for years to buy a car. Cash."
While the exact dollar figure is not known, Tiger's payment is thought to be in excess of $4,300. If the couple stays together for two more years, that figure reaches $6,000.
"Tiger is not from a rich family. So $6,000 is nothing to sniff at," said a friend of the golfer. "He said that if he gets the $6,000, he can buy new floor mats for the cockpit of his airplane."