TCU-Boise State Set to Meet in the BCS’s F– Bowl

The BCS bowl match-ups are set. Alabama and Texas will meet in the BCS National Championship Game on January 7th, while undefeated TCU and Boise State will meet three days earlier in the BCS's F— Bowl.
"We are ecstatic about the bowl lineup," said BCS commissioner John Swofford. "We have an SEC team and a Big-12 team in the championship game and were able to give the F—kYou to two undefeated non-BCS conference teams. It couldn't be more perfect."
In past years the F— Bowl has featured major conference teams such as Texas and Auburn. But it's primarily designed for undefeated non-BCS schools such as the 2008 Utah Utes, who were placed in last year's game, or Boise State, who has a long history in the bowl.
"We started the BCS bowl system to give major conference teams, as well as Notre Dame, a way to make more money than they were in the previous setup," said Swofford. "But then we were pressured to toss a few crumbs to teams outside the SEC, Big-12, Big Ten and Pac-10, which necessitated our partnership with F—"
According to domain records, F— was registered by Swofford himself.
"Yeah? So?" he said. "GoF— was already a site and they didn't want to sell, so this was the next best option. I think the message is still clear."
TCU head coach Gary Patterson says he will accept the decision of the BCS.
"We don't really have a choice," he said. "And I think most people have come to recognize the annual F— bowl to be as legitimate as the national championship game. For example, anyone with a soul sees Utah as co-national champions last year."
Swofford just wishes the BCS system could please everyone.
"It's not perfect. People want it to be more fair and we want the same thing. Trust me," he said. "For example, I would have loved to put Cincinnati in the F— Bowl, too. But they'll have to be content playing for absolutely nothing in another bowl. That's what they get for not being ranked higher to start the season. They can't complain."