Steve Stricker denies reports of sexual relationship with Tiger Woods

At a press conference at this week's Chevron World Challenge, Steve Stricker admitted that he has never engaged in sexual relations with fellow professional golfer Tiger Woods. "Look, he's a really nice guy, and he's rich and handsome, and well-built, and has great eyes, and …" Stricker said, losing his train of thought. "Well, he is all of those things, but I only like him as a friend." Speculation swirled around the top two money-earners on the PGA Tour this season when they were paired together for four matches at the recent Presidents Cup. "Sure, we awkwardly high-fived a lot and shared a bunch of meaningful hugs, but that was only on the course," Stricker maintained. "Off the course, we didn't high-five at all." Woods has been linked to multiple mistresses in recent days, making him the butt of jokes throughout the country. Those jokes were making the rounds at the Sherwood practice range, too. "I heard the one about him changing his nickname to Cheetah," Justin Leonard said with a laugh. "I don't get it." Meanwhile, Stricker says he has an alibi to dispute any rumors of a possible relationship with Woods. "From what I've read, he would exchange texts with these women," he explained. "Well, that proves I couldn't have been involved with him. I never had his phone number. He gave it to me once, but when I called, some guy from Manny's Auto World answered the phone and laughed when I asked for Tiger Woods. Maybe I just wrote down the wrong number."