SportsPickle’s Belated All-Decade Team

Every other media outlet seems to be doing these already. SportsPickle is a bit behind. How did it get to be 2009 already?!
Anyway, sorry for the delay. Without further ado …
Baseball Player of the Decade: Barry Bonds
Basketball Player of the Decade: Michael Jordan
Soccer Player of the Decade:Zinedine Zidane
Driver of the Decade: Dale Earnhardt, Sr.
Football Player of the Decade: Barry Sanders
Hockey Player of the Decade: Mario Lemieux
Golfer of the Decade: Nick Price
Team of the Decade: Chicago Bulls
Congratulations to everyone, thanks for all the great memories and good luck in 2000 and beyond!
And now, some predictions for the upcoming decade!
Barry Bonds' career will get derailed by steroids allegations, including the use of a steroid used to improve the muscle quality of steer. Michael Jordan will get divorced, get fat and take a no-show job with the Charlotte Bobcats. Zinedine Zidane will head-butt an Italian guy for calling his sister a whore. Dale, Sr. = dead. Barry Sanders will stay unretired and out of the public eye. Mario Lemieux will come back, play well, become the owner of the Penguins, keep them from leaving town and then let a young phenom live in his house for an uncomfortable amount of time. Nick Price will continue his dominance, but will see his career and reputation unravel after a minor car accident outside of his home blows the cover off of a secret life in which he is banging a countless number of skanks. The Chicago Bulls will start losing again.
Bold predictions, but we'll see how many of them pan out!