November Rewind: The Most Popular Stories and Images on SportsPickle

Everything that appears on SportsPickle is the greatest thing ever conceived. But here is what was the greatest of the greatest things ever conceived in November based on traffic numbers.

1. You've Shot Yourself. Now What? — An Athlete's Guide
2. Pricks Beat Douchebags to Win World Series
3. College Football Fan Gauges Girlfriend's Interest in a Plus-One System
4. Bill Belichick Defeats Patriots in Ultimate Dick Move
5. Report: Lebron James Accidentally Cries Out KNICKS During Intercourse
6. The Internal Monologue of an Unprepared Marathon Runner
7. Derek Jeter Wins American League Cy Young Award
8. John Madden's Thanksgiving Turducken Recipe
9. Tweet of the Week: Daryl Morey
10. Manu Ginobili Killing a Bat the Most Exciting Play in Spurs History

1. America's Best Corn Mazes
2. You may be losers, Philly, but you're not ugly.
3. Indiana Pacers' dancers
4. Laker Girls
5. Tim Lincecum
6. Eli Manning
7. Pete Carroll
8. Joe Paterno
9. Erick Spolestra
10. Tim Duncan