Fenway Park Ice Shelf May Be Gone Forever in Just Weeks

According to a new study by an environmental group, the weeks-old Fenway Park ice shelf will be melted and gone in less than a month unless major steps are taken to save the massive 85-by-200-foot ice cap.
"As the planet warms, it is rare that we see any new ice formation, especially new ice formation this far from the poles," said Roger Shadrick, director of the environmental watchdog group Hopeisphere. "That's why this Fenway ice shelf is so important to maintain."
According to research done by Hopeisphere at the site, the Fenway Park ice shelf will not last even a month at this pace, as temperatures that often reach above freezing wreak havoc on the ice. Also, stadium personnel will remove the cooling system beneath the ice and take down the rink.
"Our $12 million study gave us these answers," said Shadrick. "And also talking to a guy on the Fenway Park grounds crew named Kevin. He told me the part about shutting off the refrigeration when I took him out to lunch at Cask'n Flagon. So let's put the cost of the study at $12 million and $24.19. Kevin was kind enough to get the tip."
Hopeisphere spokesman Miranda Tripp says people need to understand the very real consequences that come from the loss of ice around the globe.
"Flooding is a major concern," she said. "Coastal areas will lose hundreds of millions of people, leading to overcrowding inland. And, in this case, the infield could get flooded. What's to say it doesn't mess up the infield permanently? Then Dustin Pedroia trips on some uneven ground in April, blows out his knee and is out for the season. See? These are very real consequences that greatly impact the region."
Hopeisphere plans to fight for the Fenway Park ice shelf by pushing for lower carbon emissions and by scheduling additional high school hockey games on the ice this winter.
"Hey, if more high school games at Fenway Park make me more money, that's fine by me," said Boston Red Sox owner John Henry. "This ice shelf can stay in existence 'til April for all I care. Just write me a check."