England, Algeria, Slovenia: How to Hate Them

The 2010 World Cup draw is set. The United States is in Group C with England, Algeria and Slovenia.
It's on the U.S. national team to beat these countries. But it's on us as a nation to hate these countries with everything we have. Here is some material you can use to tell these countries how much they suck.
Hey, Algeria … about a quarter of your population lives on less than $2 a day. You're poor!
Hey, Algeria … you're president is namedAbdelaziz Bouteflika? Bouteflika. Sounds like a sexual harasser to me!
Hey, Algeria … rainfall in your country is fairly prevalent along the coast, but more sporadic inland. Ha-ha! Your weather is NOT temperate! And your vacations probably are often interrupted by rain!
Hey, Algeria … in your country homosexuality is illegal and punishable by imprisonment. Are you sure you're country's not named Alabamageria? ZING!
Hey, Algeria … you're Africa's second-largest country? Ha! Wait, since when is Africa not a country? Really, this is an honest question. We Americans are horrible at geography.
Hey, Slovenia … one of your primary industries is zinc smelting. The country who smelt it, dealt it!
Hey, Slovenia … your flag has three horizontal stripes. Where did you come up with that idea?
Hey, Slovenia … many of your towns are quite picturesque! Not very practical in a modern economy, now is it?
Hey, Slovenia … your plugs are British-style round plug attachments. Good luck getting your electronic equipment to work here without an adaptor!
Hey, Slovenia … your prime minister, Borut Pahor, isn't nearly as funny as one might have expected!
Hey, England … you're England!