Eli Manning Furious He Didn’t Get a New Plaxico for Christmas

Little Eli Manning threw a tantrum on the Manning Family's living room floor Christmas morning after all the gifts were opened and he realized he wasn't getting the one present he told Santa he wanted most — a new Plaxico Burress.
"I want a Plaxico! AHHHHHHHH!" Manning screamed, crying and kicking and pounding at the floor. "AHHHHHHHHH! I want one NOW! Gimme a Plaxico!"
The boy's mother, Olivia, tried to calm her son by saying he might be able to get a Plaxico next year with early parole.
"Honey, I told you that you might not get a new Plaxico this year, sweetie," she said, rubbing Eli's back as tears streamed down his face. "I know it's hard for you to not have your Plaxico. But look at all the great stuff you got — a Zhu Zhu pet, some trucks, a sweater, a Domenik Hixon. It's not all bad."
But the youngest Manning could not be consoled.
"I wanted a Plaaaaaaxico-o-o-o," he sobbed, barely getting the words out through his tears. "I wanted to throw the ball way into the air and have him catch it. All my receivers are short."
Thankfully Eli finally stopped crying after his big brother Peyton let him play with his Austin Collie for a while.