Athlete Playing Every Play Like It’s His Last a Total Ball Hog

Texas State forward Mychal Wilson says he has started playing with a new outlook on basketball, ever since spraining his ankle at the beginning of the season.
“I realized then that I could get hurt, and that I could have basketball taken away from me,” said Wilson. “So it was then I promised myself that I would play every play like it was my last one.”
But Wilson’s vow to himself has caused strife on the team.
“I wish he would get hurt and never be able to play again,” said point guard Charlie Dane. “I can’t stand him anymore. He’s a total ball hog now. I might break his ankle myself. In fact, if I has one last play in my life, I think I'd use it to take him out.”
Wilson admits that he has taken to shooting every time he gets the ball, and that routinely rips the ball out of his teammates’ hands and takes off towards the basket to try a dunk, but says he is merely giving his all.
“If I’m playing my last play ever, do you think I want to stand there out of the play while someone else shoots? Is that the way anyone would want to go out? Heck, no,” says Wilson. “I’m going out with the ball in my hands, trying to dunk on fools.”
During a stretch of play in last night’s game, Wilson shot from half court, mooned the crowd, tackled a teammate to steal the ball and felt up a cheerleader. In between all of that he routinely yelled: “Give me the ball! This could be my last play, you a—holes! Gimme it! Gimme, gimme, gimme!”
Texas State head coach Mason Granger says Wilson’s style of play is actually quite appropriate.
“Yeah, it will be his last play pretty soon,” says Granger. “I’m going to cut him because he won't stop playing like every play is his last play.”