ADD: Kenny Britt, WR, Titans

ADD: Kenny Britt, WR, Titans — Not long ago, having a Tennessee Titans wide receiver on your fantasy football team was akin to setting a starting lineup full of players on their bye week. But then Vince Young came back. And it appears Young spent his blue period learning how to throw a football. In the past two weeks he's thrown it 11 times for 170 yards and two touchdowns to Kenny Britt, the 30th overall pick in April's draft.
People used to make fun of Vince Young's throwing motion. They compared it to Uncle Rico:

Well, guess what? Vince Young still throws that way. But now he really can throw the ball over that mountain. And guess who's waiting on the other side to catch it? It's Kenny Britt. And it's for a touchdown.
So pick up Kenny Britt. And in no time you'll be singing love songs to Britt like this:

(Yeah, I know his name is "Bret," not "Britt." But it's pronounced the same. So shut up. Jerk.)