11 Tips To Improve Your Life! With Coaches’ Book Titles!

The New Year is almost upon us. Many people try to change their life for the better when the calendar turns over. But who to turn to for advice?
Thankfully our nation's college basketball coaches are more than happy to provide life tips that they've developed over years of screaming at referees, telling teenagers that this next inbounds play is the most important moment of their lives, and dodging scandal.
In fact, many of America's winningest college basketball coaches have written self-help books. You could read them. But that would be excruciating. All you really need to know is the cliched titles of their books. Everything beyond that is just filler.
So remember these 11 book titles AND TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND!
1. Dare to Dream — by UConn head coach Jim Calhoun
2.Success is a Choice— by Louisville head coach Rick Pitino
3. Hard Work — by North Carolina head coach Roy Williams
4.Refuse to Lose— by Kentucky head coach John Calipari
5.Leading with the Heart— by Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski
6.A Passion To Lead— by UConn head coach Jim Calhoun
7. Lead to Succeed — by Louisville head coach Rick Pitino
8. Bounce Back — by Kentucky head coach John Calipari
9.Another Hill To Climb— by Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan
10.Reach for the Summit— by Tennessee women's head coach Pat Summitt
11. Sweet Redemption — by Maryland head coach Gary Williams
To spell all that out a little more …
Dare to dream because success is a choice. Hard work means that you refuse to lose. Leading with the heart requires a passion to lead. Lead to succeed! If you fail, bounce back! There is always another hill to climb. Reach for the summit and you will achieve sweet redemption!
There. Add in a couple hundred pages of boring team details and general preachiness and you've got yourself a brand new coach's book.
Call me, unpublished college basketball coaches of America! I am willing to ghostwrite. Working title: "Leading with a Passion of Hard Work and Summit Redemption Success Dreams, Etc."