You may be losers, Philly, but you’re not ugly.

Philadelphia lost the World Series to the Yankees. This just days after Philadephia again made the list of cities with the ugliest citizens. Absurd! Philadelphia is full of beautiful people, especially its famous sportsmen. Take a look.
I mean … BEHOLD!
Mike Schmidt was so adorable he starred in "Annie" on Broadway for a time.
Phillies icon Richie Ashburn was so hot he had to shade people from the radiance of his face.
Satin jackets are still the world's top fashion accessory thanks to Shawn Bradley.
When former Sixer Jeff Hornacek touched his face, it was to admire the work of God.
Fact: Tyrone Hill will make you gay.
Freddie Mitchell was so naturally good on the field that he had time to experiment with his stunning good looks off the field.
Charlie Manuel is not wearing pants in this photo. Or at least he's not in my mind.
Wild Thing, I think I love you.
I just wish John Kruk's v-neck jersey cut lower into his cleavage.
Believe it or not, Ron Jaworski's hotness actually doubled when he came to Philadelphia.
No, Pete Rose has my penis on the rise.
Greg Gross? More like Greg HOT, am I right?
Outfielder Glenn Wilson may not be an all-time great. But no woman could ever turn him down.
Randy Lerch started and ended his career in Philadelphia. In the middle he did your mom.
Von Hayes. Now there was a tall drink of water.
Thirty years after Schmidt, Scott Hartnell of the Flyers is taking on "Annie".
Anyway, I could go on. And on. And on and on and on.
But I think I've made my point. Philadelphia is full of super-hot people, or my eyes weren't burned out by Cheez Whiz.