Yankees Divert Parade Through Boston

New York City held a parade today through the Canyon of Heroes in Manahattan to celebrate their Yankees' 27th World Series title. And once that portion of the parade was over, the team boarded busses for the second leg of the parade through downtown Boston.
"It was George Steinbrenner's idea," said general manager Brian Cashman. "He may not be 100-percent, but he can still hit on a great idea sometimes."
"I loved celebrating in New York with out fans," said shortstop Derek Jeter. "But I actually preferred the trek through Boston more. Suck it, you douchebags. Suck. It."
The team's trek through Boston went through every major neighborhood in the city and even some larger suburbs, despite the fact that the Yankees only had a permit for a parade in Manhattan.
"What? What's the problem? We're just a bunch of guys sitting on top of cars who want to tour a beautiful city," said catcher Jorge Posada. "A beautiful city full of losers. You don't need a permit for that."
As to be expected, an impromptu parade through the city snarled traffic and brought Boston to a standstill in the middle of the work day. City officials estimate that more than 2 million Bostonians left work to see the Yankees parade, far more than the number that viewed any recent parades featuring the Celtics, Red Sox or Patriots.
"Getting to boo all the Yankees right outside my building? Awesome," said Jackie O'Connor, a Red Sox season ticket holder. "I much prefer booing the Yankees to cheering for the Red Sox. In fact, it's not even close. We all feel that way. This was by far the best parade we've ever had in this city. I hope they win again next year so I can tell them again how much they suck. Yankees suck! YANKEES SUUUUUUUUCK!"