Who is Chase Utley?

One week ago Chase Utley was simply a baseball star. Now, by tying Reggie Jackson's record for home runs in a World Series, he is a baseball immortal. Who is this guy? Here are some facts about Chase Utley.
Chase Utley was born December 17, 1978 and raised in the city of Long Beach, California. Utley was active in the Long Beach rap community as a teenager and can be seen bent over on all fours clapping his buttocks in the "Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang" video. He is credited in the video as Bitch 26. Coincidentally, that is his current uniform number.
The former UCLA star hit a grand slam in his first game with the Phillies but initially struggled to break into the everyday lineup because Placido Polanco was entrenched at second. The Phillies are the only major league baseball team to lose 10,000 games.
Utley frequently lends his help to animal rights organizations. In fact, his current hairstyle is to raise awareness about the endangered Slick-Back Otter of the Delaware River.
Animal rights are such a concern to the second baseman that he has the logo of his animal organization placed prominently on his official website: ChaseUtley.com.

This logo is almost exactly the same as the one used by fellow Philadelphia sports star Michael Vick's shuttered Bad Newz Kennels, only that logo had the bat against the dog's head. And the baseball was a dislodged eyeball.
Utley's at-bat music is Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir." The song was also the at-bat music of Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels until Hamels discovered the Zeppelin classic is not about expensive and luxurious sweaters.
Utley angered some Philadelphia fans during the 2008 World Series celebration rally by yelling "World f—king champions" into the mic while on stage.

These two fans were immediately ejected from the rally and forced to move out of Philadelphia because, according to an official document from the city, "they were obviously not real f—king Philadelphians and should go live in some homo town where they f—king belong."