Reporter insists he’s asking about Troy Polamalu’s knee, not his goddam hair

Reporter:Troy! Troy! Tell me about your knee. The Steelers defense is suffering without you. When can you get back on the field?
Polamalu: Well, I owe my great hair to Head & Shoulders. It's for more than just dandruff.
Reporter: Uh, right. No, I want to know about your knee. When will it be 100-percent and when can the Steelers count on you again?
Polamalu: Head & Shoulders does seven great things for my scalp and hair.
Reporter: Didn't ask about your hair, Troy.
Polamalu: You asked with your eyes, Trent. You asked with your eyes.
Reporter: The f—k I did! Look, I'm serious, guy … when are you going to be out on the field again? The Steelers just lost to the Chiefs, Troy. The goddam CHIEFS! Your defense let Matt Cassel drive the ball 91 yards in the fourth quarter to tie the game. Matt Cassel! Ninety-one yards! And, then, in overtime, on 3rd-and-5, Chris Chambers goes right through the defense for 61 yards. Chris Chambers, Troy! Chris f—king Chambers! That guy SUCKS! So I ask one more time … when … in the hell … is your knee going to be ready? And don't say one word about your motherf—kingHAIR.
Polamalu: Two to three weeks.
Reporter: Thank you. And you do have nice hair, by the way.
Polamalu: Thanks.