Ravens-Browns game lives up to lack of hype

Monday's Ravens-Browns game in Cleveland featured 13 penalties, two turnovers, a missed extra point and only 214 total yards of passing offense. After a scoreless tie at the half, Baltimore managed a 16-0 win. "We struggled to sell tickets for this game, and I think we came through with a game that was appropriately unwatchable," said Browns owner Randy Lerner. "Fans have certain standards when they enter the stadium, and I am happy to say even the lowest of expectations were met." But many Browns fans say those expectations were even exceeded. "Is deceeded a word?" said Browns season ticket holder Jeff Bailey. "I knew the game would suck, but my grandfather willed me these tickets 20 years ago so I feel kind of obligated to attend. And then on our final drive, Brady Quinn throws back-to-back passes a good 10 yards out-of-bounds. Unbelievable. Even I never expected to see something like that at this level. Even at a Browns game."