Pricks Beat Douchebags to Win World Series

The team full of pricks topped that group of douchebags in six games last night, mercifully ending the World Series for most of the nation.
"World f—king champs!" hooted noted prick Nick Swisher in the victorious locker room.
Meanwhile, the mood in the opposing locker room was more subdued.
"I still think we were the better team," said uberdouche Jimmy Rollins. "We just didn't play like we were capable of."
The victory by the pricks over the douchebags followed most predictions as to how the Series would play out. The pricks were favored in Las Vegas and among baseball writers and analysts, as well as among casual observers of pricks and douchebags.
"As I thought, the pricks just had better pitching," said Fox analyst Steve Rosenthal.
"At the end of the day, pricks tend to just have more motivation," said Jeff Riley, a casual baseball fan who says he works with both pricks and douchebags, as well as many dickheads. "They can't be denied. Douchebags are annoying, yet possible to ignore if you make the effort to do so. I didn't watch the World Series, but it seems that's how it played out."
With the season at an end, the pricks will now celebrate with a parade before their adoring fans. While the douchebags must try to reload for another run next season.
"We were close," said incredibly douchey right fielder Jayson Werth. "We don't need to blow this team up — we get along great and we all love growing our facial hair together and shopping for Ed Hardy t-shirts. But we maybe need to look at the available free agents and see if there are some pricks we can add to the roster."