Phil Mickelson Cockily Celebrates Successful Trip Out of His Driveway

Professional golfer Phil Mickelson drove out of his Rancho Sante Fe, Calif., development this afternoon without incident and then pulled his Cadillac SUV over to celebrate the feat before family, friends and gathered media.
"Thank you, thank you very much," Mickelson said, stepping out of his car to applause, as his children ran up to him for a big hug in front of the cameras. "I'm so happy to have made it out of my neighborhood without crashing and having to have my wife pull me out of the car."
Mickelson then posed with his undented, pristine Escalade for 10 minutes for photographers before addressing the crowd.
"It was tough to get to this point, but the journey makes what I accomplished all the sweeter," said Mickelson. "I can't tell you how many hydrants I passed, how many trees were within mere yards of the car as I winded my way out of the development. But I stuck to my gameplan — staying on the road — and made it all the way to the main road."
With the uneventful trip in hand, Mickelson said he planned to head home and spend some time with his family.
"It's been a long, stressful trip," he said. "I was thinking of heading across town to run some errands. But I need a break. And I want to be with Amy and the kids for a while."
Mickelson then drove back into his neighborhood and crashed his Escalade into a light pole.