Mark Mangino Makes 10th Visit to Marginal Recruit Who Lives Beside a Dunkin’ Donuts

Kansas head coach Mark Mangino made yet another visit today to the home of Brett Lange, a marginal college prospect receiving little interest from other Division I programs. But Mangino says the Lawrence (Kan.) High School safety has certain intangibles he looks for in a prospect.
“It’s not all about height and weight and speed and power,” said Mangino. “There’s more to it in finding an ideal recruit, especially a recruit I think it’s worth having a crew extract me out of my office chair-bed so I can make an in-home visit.”
Mangino says Lange is the perfect package.
“With any possible recruit, I ask my staff to give me three pieces of information,” said Mangino. “What are his football vitals, what are his grades and how close does he live to a Dunkin’ Donuts or to some other sort of retailer of delicious pastries?”
Kansas recruiting director David Lyons says Mangino becomes energized when a recruit is up to snuff in all three areas, or at least the final category.
"I would say he becomes hungry more than energized,” said Lyons. “But, yeah, if we find a player who can perform on the field and in the classroom and who lives within walking distance of a donut shop, Mark is on the next cargo plane there. And by walking distance, we mean there has to be a franchise within 40 yards. Anything beyond that risks a heart attack, major organ failure or blown out knees.”
Lange says he appreciates all of Mangino’s visits, but has yet to decide where he will attend college.
“He’s been here a lot, but I don’t feel like I’ve really connected with him yet,” says Lange. “He barely looks at me, to tell you the truth. He just sits their double-fisting donuts, and moaning and groaning in pleasure. But, yeah, if he has the same love of Kansas football as he does to donuts, I would definitely consider becoming a Jayhawk.”