Manu Ginobili Killing a Bat the Most Exciting Play in Spurs History

When Spurs forward Manu Ginobili knocked a bat out of the air during a game on Halloween night, he instantly secured his place in the history of a franchise that supposedly has won some championships.
"I have been watching Spurs basketball for years," team play-by-play man Dave Barnett. "And that is easily the most exciting play ever. That fundamentally sound reverse lay-up Tim Duncan had in Game 4 of the 2003 Finals is now a distant second."
Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich also agreed that Ginobili's swat and subsequent removal of the bat from the court ranked at the top, but wasn't sure what came after it.
"Nothing really stands out, actually. Even from our championship years," he said. "There was that awesome dunk Kobe had. But that was against us. Hmm. Drawing a blank here. Maybe George Gervin had an exciting play back in the 70s."
Tim Duncan put Ginobili's swat at the top, as well. "In second I'm going to go with a few seconds later when they sprayed his hands with sanitizer. Pretty crazy," said Duncan.
Ginobili's bat highlight has resulted in a huge spike in interest in the Spurs around the country. ESPN's SportsCenter even ran Spurs highlights before the first commercial break for the first time in the show's history. But the buzz has also resulted in expectations the Spurs fear they can't deliver on every night.
"Our fans appreciate how we play," said general manager R.C. Buford. "They do. And I think hardcore basketball fans do also. But screens, pick-and-rolls and seamless defensive rotation doesn't get you as excited as it used to after a few decades. We may have to do more."
In hopes of capitalizing on their newfound attention, the Spurs say they will change things up a bit.
"Dunking has been discussed," said Popovich. "But that seems a bit drastic. We'll probably just have Manu kill a bat during every game. Maybe a field mouse, too."