Manny Ramirez Told He’ll be Living with Jamie McCourt

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez was informed today by Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt that he will live with Mrs. McCourt once the couple's divorce is finalized.
"Divorce is always hardest on the children," said Jamie McCourt. "But I think Manny took the news like a trooper. He cried a little bit, but he was brave. I told him that I have a lot of fun toys at my new house. He'll enjoy it there."
Ramirez asked if it was his fault that the McCourt's were separating. But both Frank and Jamie assured him he was not to blame — and that they loved him very much.
Yet Ramirez sounds heartbroken.
"If I was more lovable, Frank and Jamie would want to stay together so they could see me every day," Ramirez said today, tearfully looking up from playing with a truck on his bedroom floor. "I know it's my fault. I think it's because I took those funny pills that I found in Jamie's purse. Now they're mad and they're breaking up."
Frank McCourt says losing Manny is the hardest part of the entire divorce.
"I didn't want this to happen. I'll miss everything about Manny every day," he said. "Even the stuff that sometimes seemed annoying like wiping his nose or changing his sheets because he peed in his bed. But I'll still go to the stadium every night and see him there. She can't take that away from me. I'll make sure to make those moments together special."
Ramirez says he still holds out hope of getting the McCourt's back together. But he also wonders if Jamie McCourt will find someone else.
"Maybe she will get together with someone really cool," he said. "Maybe she'll be with someone like Mark Cuban. Whoa. That would be awesome!"