Jeff Fisher summons police to the home of depressed Kerry Collins

Nashville police were asked to search for Kerry Collins on Sunday evening after family members placed a call to the Tennessee Titans informing them of their concern about the quarterback's state of mind. According to Nashville Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron, Collins "abruptly" left his home in Williamson County about 7 p.m. Sunday without his cell phone. Those with him at his home, including family members, were "concerned with his emotional well-being," Aaron said. Police issued a bulletin to all on-duty officers to be on the lookout for Collins, and negotiators were placed on standby, a procedure that is common in such situations, Aaron said. Someone contacted coach Jeff Fisher out of concern for Collins, and Fisher contacted the police department, police said. "I was given some information from people that were close to him late afternoon, early evening that was quite honestly very concerning to me. I'm not going to go into specifics, but it was concerning to me," Fisher said. The head coach is unsure how he would ease Collins' mind. "He thinks Vince Young's emergence means his career is over. And he is 100-percent right."