Concussed player easily convinced that he feels good enough to re-enter game

Despite suffering a serious concussion due to a hit to the head in the third quarter on Sunday, Buffalo Bills defensive end E.J. Thompson was quickly put back into the game by the team’s trainers.“The great thing about concussions are that the players are so spaced out that you can tell them anything and they’ll believe you,” said Bills head trainer Dave Tipper. “If you tell them they’re not injured, and point them in the direction of the field, they’ll head back out there. You can’t do that with a guy who has a broken arm or something. Their lucidity makes them pussies.”Thompson says he barely remembers playing the second half of Sunday’s game.“The film shows I played great, though,” he said, drooling. “I looked like Bruce Smith out there.” Tipper agrees:“Yeah, before we put him back in the game, we told him he was Bruce Smith."