BREAKING: AP Announces Preseason Un-American Team

2009-2010 Associated Press Preseason Un-American teams

First Team
Seth Hopkins, G, LaSalle — Hopkins is a French Lit major. What's wrong with American Lit, you commie? Mark Twain would kick Voltaire's ASS.
Dayn Busch, G, Tulane — Busch isone of those pricks who talks about how he never watches TV. Oh, yeah? Well, I do. And I never see Tulane on TV because they suck.
Manny Stevens, F, Boston College — In his American History class on Thursday, Stevens raised his hand and asked questions during his professor's lecture about the relocation of American Indians, preventing the professor from quickly breezing through that part on his way to cooler, more palatable parts of American history.
Jon Weatherspoon, F, UNLV — Weatherspoon also plays for UNLV's soccer team.
John McFarlane, C, North Dakota State — McFarlane doesn't like cheese. (And he's not lactose intolerant.)

Second Team
Mychal Martinez, G, San Diego State — Martinez can't dunk and really isn't bothered by it.
Allen Picard, G, Dayton — Picard recently bought a Che Guevera t-shirt at Spencer's Gifts at the Dayton Commons Mall.
Jeffrey Johnson, F, Miami —When about to die, Johnson often tries to shoot other American soldiers in "Call Of Duty."
Lucas White, F, Syracuse — Jimi Hendrix's rendition of the national anthem is his favorite version of the song.
Jake Gray, C, Boise State — Gray was born in Canada. And he's proud of it, too.