Allen Iverson Fires God As His Agent

Allen Iverson, whose time with the Memphis Grizzlies lasted just three games, has fired God as his agent — the deity Iverson credited for bringing him to Memphis.
"God chose Memphis as the place I will continue my career," Iverson wrote on Twitter back in September.
Now he wishes he had never been mixed up with God.
"He promised me everything if I just listened to Him," said Iverson. "He promised me heaven. He promised me eternity. And then I get to Memphis and I'm sitting on the bench? That's a long way from heaven."
Iverson, a 14-year NBA veteran, says he should have known better than to get himself mixed up with God.
"There are so many agents out there who promise you things they just can't deliver on," said Iverson. "They have no track record, no experience. I should have sniffed it out. It was a rookie mistake. It's not like God is placing his clients in all of these great places. Definitely not in the NBA. And, hell, even in other sports. Even Kurt Warner plays for the Arizona Cardinals, man."
Iverson also didn't care for God's insistence that he tithe 10-percent of his income on top of his 10-percent agent's cut.
"Do you want to know His second choice after the Grizzlies?" Iverson said. "He wanted me to play in Israel.Israel, man, Israel. He was talkin' bout Israel. Not in the NBA, not in America. Israel."