Alex Rodriguez failing to pitch effectively

Alex Rodriguez is finally producing at the plate for the Yankees in the playoffs. But he's coming up short on the mound where the team really needs him.In fact, despite earning $33 million this season, Rodriguez has yet to record a single out in the playoffs. "Yankee Pitching A-Wreck" blared the New York Post following the team's 8-6 Game 5 loss to the Phillies. Despite the growing criticism, Rodriguez says he hasn't pitched since Little League. Some disgruntled Yankees fans don't seem to care. "He makes more than anyone else on our pitching staff and he needs to step up," said one caller into WFAN. "Even if it's true that he hasn't pitched since he was 11, I know the Yankees would be better off with him out there than Phil Coke. Am I right or am I right here? I know Jeter would pitch if we was making that kind of coin. He'd throw a shutout, too."