A letter from a Patriots fan about how many Super Bowls they’ve REALLY won (UPDATE)

Last week, November 20th, I got the following e-mail from someone who claims to be a reader of the site. He has e-mailed again. See the update at the bottom …
I’ve read this web site for a long time. There is good stuff here. But you’ve got to get your head out of your ass with bashing the PATRIOTS. Understand what this team has accomplished and don’t be so jealous about it. You look dumb and its not funny.
2008. Everyone knows that if Tom Brady wasn’t hurt, the Patriots coast to the Super Bowl especially because he would have been motivated after losing the year before. This is an easy one.
2007. If that Super Bowl was played 1000 times the Pats would win 999 of them. Everyone knows they were the better team. Its like how the MVP doesn’t always go to the better team. Plus you can’t forget that the refs gave the Giants a ton of calls and some biased timekeeping didn’t give the Pats enough time at the end. Take that stuff away and it is 1000 of 1000.
2006. We all saw that game AFC title game against the Colts. Robbed doesn’t even start to describing it.
2005. The officiating against the Broncos = SO BAD! That Champ Bailey interception was ours. The Patriots easily beat the Steelers at home and then roll over the Seattle Seahakws.
2004. WE WIN IT ALL.
2003. WE WIN IT ALL.
2002. I honestly don’t remember much about this season. Maybe we weren’t the best team this year. I don’t know who was though. So no one can say it wasn’t us either. And I do know that no one wanted to play THE DEFENDING champs!
2001. WE WIN IT ALL.
2000. Tom Brady’s rookie year right here. If Bledsoe come sthrough and gets injured for us this year, you can more or less hand the Super Bowl title over to us.
That’s the whole decade. We won them all.
Now I want to go back a little bit more even.
1996. The Patriots go to the Super Bowl. If Bob Kraft had been smart enough to make Coach Belichick the head coach instead of Parcells, you know we probably win that game. All due respect to Parcells, but we win that game with Belichick. Bill is just better and smarter.
So now it’s like we have set this whole run of greatness back five more years. Belichick and the boy start it all up in 1996.
1997. We probably repeat. Bledsoe is no Tom Brady but these were his prime year s in here so with Belichick in toe, we win this.
1998. Same.
1999. Same. Also, if Tom Brady comes out of Michigan a year early as a junior, we definitely win it.
And now we are right back to 2000 with Brady winning it all as a rookie in the best season ever for a rookie QB. That is 13 years and what is it there – you want to say 10 titles or eleven? That is conservatively.
Then I can take you all the way back to 1985. We were in the Super Bowl again that year. People talk all about the Bears, but did you know that we were winning that game 3-0??? I have seen it on Espn Classic. The refs call that blatant holding on Chicago’s next drive and we get a stop there, the whole game changes. We could have easily won that game. Those were Tony Eason’s prime years to. With a win in that game, who’s to say we don’t get rolling back then and win a bunch more titles. I didn’t follow the Nfl as much back then, but you can definitely pencil us in for five or six more titles until we start wining them with Belichick and Bledsoe in the ‘90s. What other teams were there really? The 80’s were way down in the Nfl and we could have cruised.
So again (conservatively) we probably win 19 or 20 of the past 24 Super Bowls.
Do you have any idea how GREAT that is?????? Football is way more competitive than baseball and even the Yankees don’t’ have that many.
I understand the jealousy of the Patriots. We are the best. We have the most Super Bowl titles ever. And I’m not even counting the twenty since the 80’s here.
But please show some more respect and appreciation for what we’ve accomplished here. Your writing will be funnier without all the HATE.
UPDATE … November 25th.
I see you posted my letter on the site. Was that supposed to make fun of me? All it did was prove my point to a bigger amount of people beyond just you. I should say thanks to you. Your plan to laugh at me backfired.
btw- I should say that I talked to my cousin who has followed the Pats alot longer than I have and he said they probably wouldn't have won as many Super Bowl in the 80's as I gave them credit for. He agreed with me 110percent on everything else tho.
So put us down for 17 or 18 of the past 24 Super Bowls guaranteed instead of 20 or all of them. Irregardless of the way you slice it, WE ARE THE BEST.