World Series Preview — by Fox NFL analyst Howie Long

FOX is broadcasting the 2009 World Series between the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies.
Here is FOX analyst Howie Long with his keys to the series.

Keys to Winning the World Series — by Howie Long
1. Control the time of possession — Both of these teams have great offenses. So the key will be to keep the other team's offense off the field by controlling the ball. The team that is able to have the ball in the hands of their pitchers the longest will probably win.
2. Impose your will — The team who wants it more must come out and assert their will. Punch the other team in the mouth! If you're going to bunt, impose your will with the bunt. Bunt it right off the pitcher's forehead to show him you're not to be messed with. Draw blood. Show that you bunt like a man!
3. Be physical — The more physical team wins. Always. This is also like imposing your will, but using different words.
4. Special teams — People forget that baseball isn't all about just offense and defense. Special teams come into play, too. When the opponent scores, can you answer back with a good kick return? Neither team has showed me this yet. But I like Jimmy Rolllins' potential as a return man.
5. Establish the run — In football, quarterbacks get all the glory. In baseball it's the home run hitters. But a quarterback can't succeed unless he has a solid ground game supporting him. It's the same with a home run hitter. He has to run first to hit a home run. Or at least jog. They'll call you out if you don't leave the batter's box and round the bases. Unless you're playing slow-pitch softball. Oh, by the way, I am not a fan of stealing bases. Why do you have to be so sly about it? You want the base? Then take it like a man. Impose your will!
6. Control the line of scrimmage— I'm told baseball doesn't have a line of scrimmage. All the more advantage to the team who can find it and control it then.
7. Win the battle of field position — The team who is able to pin the other team deep over and over will have a distinct advantage. Have you ever tried to throw a strike when your pitcher is pinned back in shallow center field? It's hard!
8. Trick plays — I'm not a fan of trick plays, but coaches use them a lot and they can swing the momentum of a game. Both teams need to be ready for a batter to hit the ball and run to third instead of first. Maybe have the free safety spy on the batter from the infield.
Prediction: Yankees 27, Phiilles 20