What is the UFL?

The UFL opens play this week. What is this thing? Here are some facts about the UFL.
The UFL stands for United Football League. The original league name was All-World Football League, but organizers feared AWFL might speak too closely to the league's level of play.
There are four teams in the UFL — the California Redwoods, Las Vegas Locomotives, New York Sentinels and Florida Tuskers. The small size is by design as many startup leagues launched with too many teams. Whereas the UFL's business plan is designed so the UFL never has to contract more than four franchises at once.
Dennis Green is head coach of the California Redwoods. The Redwoods are who he thought they were, as Green thought they were the only team who was willing to have Dennis Green coach it and he was correct.
The UFL has several rules that differentiate it from the NFL: there is no tuck rule, intentional grounding is not a penalty and both teams get possession in overtime. Also, steroids are frowned upon in the UFL.
UFL tickets range from $7 to $42. UFL officials believe this affordable ticket plan could allow them to make as much as $7 per game in ticket revenue.
The UFL's slogan is "It's All About U." This slogan is designed to have two messages. One, that the league is designed for the fan. And two, that league payroll structure that caps player pay at $200,000 is based off of the one long-used by the University of Miami's football program.
The league's other tagline is "Where Future Stars Come To Play!"… "As Well As J.P. Losman, Tim Rattay and Brooks Bollinger!"