Terrelle Pryor Murders

Embattled Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor got a new round of criticism today when he committed a murder near campus.
"Everyone kills people,murderspeople, steals from you, steals from me, whatever," said Pryor after he robbed a convenience store and killed the clerk. "I think that people need a second chance."
The comments echo Pryor's statements about Michael Vick earlier this year. The only problem is that his latest comments and actions come after a four-turnover performance in which Ohio State was upset by lowly Purdue.
"I don't have a problem with murder if you're doing your job out on the field and winning games," said Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel. "But when the winning ends, so does my laissez faire approach to killing people and stealing. I am an old-school coach that way, like it or not."
Ohio State will wait to make a decision on a possible punishment for Pryor, as will Columbus Police, until after this Saturday's game against Minnesota. The murdered clerk was a diehard Buckeyes fans, and his family requested no charges be brought against Pryor until the season plays itself out.
"Our dear son was a Buckeyes fan through and through," said the parents in a statement. "And we know he wouldn't want anything to come in the way of a possible Big Ten title, even repeated blows to the head with a broomstick."
Now it's on Pryor to make people forget about the murder.
"I feel ready for Minnesota," he said. "Everyone murders. But I hadn't in a while. And I needed that stress relief, you know? But now I feel relaxed and ready to lead us to a Rose Bowl. And I don't think anyone is going to want to stand in my way."