Stephen Jackson Trick-or-Treating with a Gun Again

Residents of a Burlingame, California neighborhood were exasperated to learn that Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Jackson would again take his Beretta 92FS 9MM handgun out trick or treating on Halloween night.
“He does this every year,” said Jackson’s neighbor, Wanda Myers.“I keep telling him that the candy is FREE.He doesn’t need to wave a gun in my face to get a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.”
But Jackson insisted that taking his handgun trick or treating was a necessity in today’s day and age.
“Where I come from, if you’re not taking someone’s f—king candy, someone’s taking f—king candy from YOU,” he told reporters.“I’m a very famous person, and a lot of motherf—kers ou there wanna test Stephen Jackson.They wanna show they’re friends they’re the big man by stepping up to Stephen Jackson.Just yesterday, some little s—t in a ghost costume tried booing me.You’re gonna boo me?You’re gonna boo Stephen Jackson?Man, f—k you.I’mma GET mine.”
Jackson who has lived in this Burlingame neighborhood for years now, has reportedly never gone trick or treating without his handgun.Residents say that Jackson uses his gun to frequently circumvent many of the two-piece-per-trick-or-treater rule that they employ, and that Jackson often goes trick or treating on days other than Halloween, often as early as March.
“I’m used to leaving my door unlocked, because this is a very safe neighborhood,” said resident Tammy Johnson.“But the first year he moved here, he literally walked right through the door with his gun and asked my son, ‘Hey, where are the f—king Snickers at?’It was very disturbing.I haven’t left my door unlocked since.”
Burlingame residents have formed a neighborhood council to help deal with situation.Many considered banning the holiday altogether, while some Republican residents of the neighborhood suggested arming any children who decide to trick or treat on their own.
For his part, Jackson remains defiant.
“All these kids out there are trying to run around and scare my ass, dressing like witches and wizards and s—t,” he says.“Well, you come meet me and my nina, we’ll see who the really scary motherf—ker is.”