Rex Ryan puts a bounty out on the Jets

Following his team's third consecutive loss, this one an embarrassing home defeat to the woeful Buffalo Bills, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan informed his team today that anyone who hurts a member of the New York Jets in an upcoming game or practice would get $1,500 of his own money. "But they have to be injured to the point that they miss at least one game," said Ryan. "I don't want to see these guys on the field. I hate them. And by these guys, I mean you." Linebacker Bart Scott said he is somewhat uncomfortable with the offer. "Back when Rex and I were with Baltimore, he used to put out bounties on players all the time," said Scott. "But outside of our quarterbacks, he always put them on other teams like the Steelers. I'm just not sure if $1,500 is enough for me to break Mark Sanchez's legs. I may need $1,600. Or $1,500 and gift card to Best Buy."