Reports: Obama traveling to Denmark in support of Kenya 2016

According to reports circulating widely throughout right-wing blogs and talk radio, President Obama is flying to Denmark to make a last-ditch pitch to the IOC for Kenya 2016 — not Chicago 2016 as the White House stated. "Michelle Obama may be there for Chicago because, as far as we know, at least, she is from America," reads a post on the influential right-wing blog "But it's all smoke and mirrors stuff. It's cover for Barack HUSSEIN Obama to really campaign for Kenya 2016. In addition to destroying America, it's been his lifelong goal to bring the Olympics to his homeland. That has long been obvious to anyone with a brain. And with America now near ruins because of his actions, he is moving onto his second goal of the Olympics in Kenya." While the blog entry stated that Kenya does not have an official 2016 entry, commenters quickly noted that only further confirms the real truth. "Everything HUSSEIN does is in secret," wrote commenter Freedum76. "If he's not going to admit the big stuff like how hes a TERRORIST, hes not goin to talk about the small stuff like wanting to bring the olympics to his home country of africa either." The PerfectPundit post has been quickly picked up by larger right-wing news outlets who have all noted that the White House has "curiously" not responded yet to the reports. Meanwhile, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has begun promoting her upcoming book, stating in an interview that Obama's link to Olympians deeply concerns her. "There he goes again, pallin' around with drug users," she said.