Report: Joe Girardi some kind of f–king moron

According to Sil, the Yankees fan you sometimes get stuck riding your apartment elevator with, Yankees manager Joe Girardi is some kind of f—king moron. "He wasted the DH spot! What is he … retarded?" Sil ranted this morning on his way out of the building. "That meant he had to pull Mariano [Rivera] after just 17 pitches 'cause his f—king spot was up in the f—king order." Sil says these kind of moves are why Girardi has yet to win four World Series titles like Joe Torre, "not that Torre wasn't a f—king moron sometimes, too, especially in his last few years." But despite Girardi's "mongoloid brain," Sil says the Yankees "will still f—king kill" everyone on the way to the World Series title. "The Phillies? F—k the Phillies," he said. "Who did they beat last year? Not us, I'll tell you that."