Phillies-Dodgers Preview in Pictures

There's not much more that can be written about these teams at this point.
So let's see what photos have to say.

Philadelphia Phillies
Jayson Werth wasn't always a sports star. He also spent time shoved in his locker.
No goat? An extremely attractive woman … yet one who isn't a supermodel? Chase Utley will never be a true sports hero.
The Mets of hip-hop labels.
"I threw a strike!"
And the Grammy for Guy Who No One Knows Why He Was Invited goes to …
Raul Ibanez and Cole Hamels meet for the first time.
"Top 10 Ways I Try To Look Like A Male … No. 10, wear a three-piece suit."
Los Angeles Dodgers
Casey Blake grew his beard so he could one day make it into a wig should he get a bad haircut at SuperCuts again.
The official alternate jersey of the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Thankfully, microfracture is not communicable.
Clayton Kershaw meets the third-most attractive Kardashian.
When not growing sideburns, Jonathan Broxton enjoys murder.
"Whoa. Who said anything about me donating sperm?"
Pick me a winner, Raffy.