Pete Sampras Admits He Drank Crystal Pepsi

Tennis legend Pete Sampras rocked his sport today with reports that he drank a Crystal Pepsi in 1991 just months after bursting onto the scene with a championship in the US Open.
"I am absolutely shocked by this news," said longtime rival Andre Agassi. "He was always such a straight-laced guy. An experimental soda? Consumed by Pete Sampras? That doesn't sound like the Pete I knew."
Jim Courier, also a former Sampras peer, said he knew his rival was going through some tough times back in the early '90s — but had no idea he did something so extreme and out of character.
"He had won a major and was dealing with all that fame for the first time," says Courier. "I remember he changed for a time. He ate at a few ethnic restaurants. Chain ethnic restaurants, like Pizza Hut. But not straight, homestyle American food, at least. Most of all, I recall him saying interesting things once or twice. Which was so strange."
Michael Chang even recalls a conversation with Sampras in 1991 at the French Open in which Sampras asked him if he had ever tried non-traditional colas like Dr. Pepper or Crystal Pepsi.
"I said that I had and that I regretted it because they weren't really that good," says Chang. "Especially Crystal Pepsi. That stuff was crap. But I thought he was just curious. I had no idea Pete Sampras would ever even consider drinking a clear cola."
The Sampras' reports come on the heels of a report that Andre Agassi will reveal in his upcoming book, "Open," that he did crystal meth in 1997. But that story has quickly been pushed aside due to the public's shock about the actions of the ultra-bland tennis icon.
According to book editor Gregory Knipe, Sampras first admitted to drinking Crystal Pepsi in his 2008 book "A Champion's Mind." Only no one noticed until now.
"Yeah, the book didn't sell too well," said Knipe. "That Crystal Pepsi paragraph was actually the juiciest part in the whole 320 pages. People find that interesting? Really? Because I didn't, and I edited the friggin' thing."