Nike requires TNT to broadcast with 30-second delay in case Lebron gets dunked on

Lebron James and the Cavaliers open the 2009-10 NBA season on TNT against the Boston Celtics, but the game will not be broadcast live to the nation. Instead, TNT will show the game on a 30-second delay due to threats from Nike."We show it live, they pull their ad dollars," said TNT Sports president Robert Lazire. "That was their offer, if you want to call it an offer. No sports program can survive without Nike money. So it was more of an order."Nike will also take control of the broadcast itself, in that if any Nike-clad players get dunked on, make a turnover, miss a shot or do anything negative on the court that could in any way reflect poorly on the brand, that footage will be destroyed and the scoreboard will reflect the change."My pick for this season's NBA champion?" said TNT analyst Charles Barkley. "Whichever team plays the most Nike players. Those guys are going to be unstoppable. Even when they are stoppable."