Nation Working on Just Two Days Rest

Despite working a full day on Friday, the nation is back working today on only two days rest.
"I'm tired. But I have to gut it out. It's October," said Bob Stall, a Michigan autoworker. "It's the fourth fiscal quarter and our economy is struggling. I have to do my part."
While most workers claim they perform better on three days rest and, ideally, a week or more between work, other say working on two days rest keeps them sharp.
"With too much time off, my mechanics suffer," said Greg Byrd, who owns an auto body shop in Florida. "They lose focus and then my customers suffer, too."
Michelle Cutliff, an accountant in Las Vegas, says working on two days rest is all about pacing yourself.
"If you come out of the gate too fast, you'll tire too quickly," she said. "That why I normally don't do much on Mondays. I instant message, surf the Internet, doze, that sort of thing. On Tuesday, too. Usually by Wednesday the work is really piling up and then I have to do stuff or I'll be found out and get fired. And then Friday afternoon I shut it down early to start resting for the next week. There's a trick to it. Veterans know this."
U.S. president Barack Obama said he appreciates the country's dedication.
"We need everyone to be a team player right now," he said. "We win, things will get better. I'm talking championship bonuses in the form of tax credits."