Longtime Backup QB to Muster Up Courage to Ask for a Promotion

Six years into his career with the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Sorgi is starting to think he is in a dead-end job.
“I’ve worked for the Colts since 2004. I’ve put in my time, done everything they asked and I’m still in the same position I was when I got here,” said Sorgi, who graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2004. “If they don’t think I have a future here, I’m going to have to consider other options.”
The second-string quarterback says he is starting to get pressure from his wife about his lack of work success.
“People we knew in college, guys like Chris Chambers, are starting for NFL teams – good NFL teams,” said Sorgi. “Their wives keep talking about how big and successful their husbands are, all the Pro Bowls they’re making and stuff. And what does my wife have? Nothing. The Colts don’t even let me play so I can build up my resume and get some other organizations interested. I am an embarrassment to my wife.”
But Sorgi says he is determined to change that.
“I don’t want to be stuck here in Indiana forever as some no-name backup,” he said. “I’ve got a wife, a son, I’m going to be 29 years old later this season. I deserve better. I deserve it. And I’m going to go into coach [Jim] Caldwell’s office and tell him that and demand that I become the starter. He won’t want to risk losing me and he’ll give me the job. I just know it.”
Sorgi says he has his whole pitch in his head.
“I’m going to explain how I am almost never hurt and how I know all of our plays,” he said. “And then I’m going to remind him that Peyton Manning hasn’t won a Super Bowl in three years. He’s out shooting commercials and accepting awards while the true behind-the-scenes leaders like me are trying to keep this ship afloat. Nothing against Peyton personally. This is just business. And I think it's time the organization sees if it can do better with someone else in charge.”
Caldwell says he has been given the heads up that Sorgi is itching for a promotion, but is doubtful he can offer one.
“Promotion? No,” he said. “Maybe a slight pay increase. Maybe a seat on the bench with a better view. But like it or not, Jim is not the guy we see leading this team now or in the future. That’s just the way it is. And especially in this economy there are no promotions to be had. Jim should be thankful he has a job.”
Sorgi has made a reservation at one of Indianapolis' most expensive restaurants for dinner tonight to celebrate his promotion with his wife.
"I can't wait to tell her the good news," he said excitedly as he headed into Caldwell's office.