JaMarcus Russell throws it where only the defender can catch it

Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell uncorked a 25-yard laser in the second quarter yesterday just over the outstretched arms of tight end Zach Miller to a spot where only Texans linebacker Brian Cushing could catch it. Cushing, however, dropped it. "It was my mistake," said Cushing. "I just didn't expect him to throw it there. It was such a small window for the ball to get to me and Zach Miller was wide open. I should have been ready. It's JaMarcus Russell after all." Raiders head coach Tom Cable says he aims to harness his quarterback's abilities. "JaMarcus does things on the football field that I have never seen before," said Cable. "If I can just flip those to be good things instead of horribly bad things, we'll be golden."