Jake Voskuhl unsure if he’ll play for Team USA at 2010 world championships

Jake Voskuhl is the latest basketball player to waver on playing for Team USA at the 2010 world championships, joining Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and others. "I would love to be part of that experience and play for my country," said the nine-year NBA veteran who just signed a non-guaranteed contract with the Dallas Mavericks. "But I'm going to be 32 this year and I don't know if my body can handle the extra pounding. I'm already playing four minutes some nights during the season." Voskuhl said it is also very unlikely he would get an invite from Team USA barring some sort of deadly virus outbreak that wipes out much of the country, yet somehow spares him. "If that's what happens, then I'll make my decision then."