Inferior Team Routed Despite Wanting It More

They bled. They sweat. They gave it their all for 60 minutes.
And they lost by 18 points.
"At this level it all comes down to who wants it more," said Kentucky head coach Rich Brooks after his team lost 38-20 to No. 3 Alabama at home on Saturday. "And also who is the better team. Usually that last part of the cliche is left out for the sake of brevity. That's the thing with catchphrases and slogans — make them too long and people tune out."
The Wildcats trailed Alabama only 7-6 after the first quarter, but things got out of hand after that.
"I think the biggest problem, outside of them being better than us, is that we noticeably wanted it more," said Kentucky quarterback Mike Hartline. "We should have paced ourselves. We were spent at the end of the first quarter from trying so hard and the mental exhaustion that comes with wanting something so intensely."
Hartline threw three interceptions on Saturday and his intended receivers say they wanted the ball more than the opponent covering them.
"But no matter how much I wanted it to stop happening, Mike kept throwing the ball into the hands of their defensive backs," said Kentucky wide receiver Randall Cobb.
And while Kentucky was dragging, the Crimson Tide were just starting to get into the game.
"Honestly, I didn't want to be out there at all today," said Alabama linebacker Eryk Anders. "Kentucky had way more intensity and I just wanted to be back home in my bed. Thankfully I was able to coast by on my superior athletic ability."
"I wasn't too happy with the effort," said Alabama head coach Nick Saban. "In fact, it was embarrassing. I was, however, very happy with the score and that's all that matters. I'll ride my team's laziness all the way to a national title if I have to."
Saban says he has developed a unique recruiting approach that he thinks has allowed his program to get a leg up on the likes of Kentucky.
"When I go to a kid's house, I ask him how much he wants it," said Saban. "I ask him if he wants it more than anyone else. Those are such important questions. But then I ask him if he's any good at football. If that one is a no, then I leave."