David Stern releases his first book: "If Anyone Publishes Tim Donaghy’s Book, I Will Have You Killed"

NBA commissioner David Stern became an author for the first time today with the release of his debut book, If Anyone Publishes Tim Donaghy's Book, I Will Have You Killed.
"I want to say it's about life, love and basketball," said Stern. "But mainly it's about how if anyone publishes Tim Donaghy's book, I will have them killed."
Donaghy, the NBA ref serving time for his role in a betting scandal, had his own book set for release. Blowing The Whistle: The Culture of Fraud in the NBA was to hit shelves upon Donaghy's upcoming release from prison. But the publisher suddenly cancelled the project under threat of a major lawsuit from the NBA.
Now Stern is making sure no other publishing house picks up the controversial book.
If Anyone Publishes Tim Donaghy's Book, I Will Have You Killed is not so much a book as it is a pamphlet, coming in at only four pages. Beyond several repetitions of the title, the rest of the manuscript is full of specific threats to top editors at all of the leading publishing houses. For example, Chapter 4 reads in its entirety: "I will kill everyone at Penguin. Don't think I won't do it. i make a couple calls and you're dead in an hour."
Stern's book of threats is published by NBA Books and printed at press with reported mob ties. However, it will also be published by every major publishing house "if they know what's good for them," said Stern.
Donaghy has not commented on his plans for his book now that it is without a publisher as he is in serious condition in the prison hospital recovering from a recent attempt on his life.