Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Not Dead

Dale Earnhardt, Jr., still the most popular driver in NASCAR more than a year after his death, is actually not dead, according to reports.
"No, I am not dead," said Earnhardt, Jr. or someone who looked very much like him after finishing in 38th place in Sunday's Banking 500. "I haven't won in 51 races, but I didn't die in a tragic accident last year. That rumor has gotten way out of control. My father is passed, yes. But I am still very much alive, believe it or not."
If that's true, then the millions of NASCAR fans who spend a reported tens of millions of dollars each year on Dale Earnhardt, Jr. products are actually buying the merchandise of one of the worst drivers in the entire sport — perhaps the most overrated figure in sports.
"No … what? Not dead? That's absurd," said diehard Earnhardt, Jr. fan Larry Grant, who has his entire den decorated with memorabilia celebrating Dale, Jr. and his father, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. "Of course he's dead. Why would I have all of these plastic cups of someone you claim is a scrub driver and has been for years? I may as well just start using my overtime pay to buy Joe Nemeshek products instead."
This possible Earnhardt, Jr. look-alike insists that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. did not die in a crash last season resembling the one that took his father at the 2001 Daytona 500.
"I crashed a few times, yes. Maybe that's the cause of the confusion," he says. "But those crashes were not fatal and they only happened because, well … driving a car is never something that I've been very good at. It was sort of the family business so I felt obligated to do it. But I much prefer public transportation."
Grant, the diehard with the shrine in his den to the fallen Earnhardts, says that if it is confirmed that Dale, Jr. is still alive and merely is a poor driver with a beneficial name and powerful marketing, he will make a change.
"I will start collecting Danica Patrick stuff," he said. "She was awesome. It's a shame she died."