Chip Caray Calls ALDS a Three-Game Sweep for Twins Over Yankees

TBS play-by-play announcer Chip Caray made his most memorable — and confusing — call of the postseason Sunday night, declaring that the Minnesota Twins had advanced to the ALCS thanks to a three-game sweep of the New York Yankees.
"And that's it!" shouted Caray following Minneosota's final out in the bottom of the ninth inning. "The Twins have upset the mighty Yankees! And on they go to the ALCS where they will take on the Pittsburgh Pirates for the Stanley Cup!"
Caray's call left his partner, color guy Ron Darling, dumbfounded — "Even for Chip it was a bad call," said Darling — and led to confusing post-game interviews.
"Joe Nathan, you have been on a roll lately. How did you shut down the potent Yankees offense?" Caray asked the struggling closer postgame.
"Is that supposed to be sarcastic?" replied Nathan.
"Fisted!" responded Caray.
Following his interview with the confused Nathan, Caray took a gentler approach with Alex Rodriguez, who hit two big home runs in the short series.
"Alex, another playoff series, same problems," said Caray. "How can you explain your postseason struggles?"
"Well, Chip, I feel like I overcame some of those in this series, as you may have noticed," said Rodriguez. "I hit two home runs."
"Were any of them fisted?" asked Caray.
"Umm. No, I don't think so," said Rodriguez.
"Well, then I probably missed them," replied Caray. "Do you still play for the Mariners?"
TBS Sports president Jack Holley said he was sorry that the network stuck the nation with Caray.
"I lost a poker game to his grandfather 15 years ago and he made me promise I'd keep Chip employed," said Holley. "And our only other option was George Lopez. I figured this was a fair trade. I was wrong."