AVOID: Chad Henne, QB, Dolphins

AVOID: Chad Henne, QB, Dolphins — Since replacing the injured Chad Pennington as Dolphins starter, the second-year quarterback from Michigan is 2-0 and put up big numbers on Monday Night Football against the (formerly?) tough New York Jets defense. Should you pick him up? No. Well, sure. Whatever. Do what you want. Is he a viable option as your backup quarterback? Definitely. But the bye weeks will be gone soon. If you are seriously considering Henne as your starting quarterback, your season has probably already been lost.
Now, in a keeper league? Yes. You should use a waiver pick on him. He many develop into a top-tier quarterback.
Consider …
Played at Michigan? Check.
Not drafted in the first round? Check.
Butt chin? Huge.
Connoisseur of tiny hats? Basically.
Cuddler of farm animals? It depends on what you think about the looks of these girls.
Basically, what I'm saying is that Chad Henne could be the next Tom Brady. All the signs are there. So consider picking him up in your keeper league. You never know, one season the Dolphins could acquire Randy Moss, get a ridiculously easy schedule and … perfect storm … a total fluke of a year could occur in which he throws 50 touchdown passes and is actually a legitimate No. 1 fantasy quarterback for four months.
That probably won't happen. And if it does, he'll quickly revert back to a slightly above average fantasy quarterback. But it's probably worth the gamble of one waiver choice.