ADD: Mohamed Massaquoi, WR, Browns

ADD: Mohamed Massaquoi, WR, Browns — Pick up a wide receiver on the Browns? Insane! Maybe not. In his past three games, Massaquoi has accounted for 55, 69 and 68-percent of his team's entire receiving yards respectively. That's amazing. Of course, it's the Browns … so their offense generated only 414 total yards of passing over the past three games. Pathetic. Even for the Browns. And in the game Massaquoi had 69-percent, he only had one catch for 16 yards. But … BUT … can you imagine if the Browns even develop a semblance of an NFL-quality passing game? Unlikely, but if they did, Massaquoi would be averaging close to 200 yards a game and be the top fantasy receiver in football. And that's not the only advantage he provides. For those of you who think you can now make black jokes because "Oh, I voted for Obama, I'm not a racist" … jackpot! You can now make all-Muslims-are-terrorists jokes, too! "Oh, please. I have Mohamed Massaquoi on my fantasy team. I don't hate the A-rabs."