ADD: Miles Austin, WR, Cowboys

ADD: Miles Austin, WR, Cowboys — Here's what we know: Roy Williams is a giant turd. So Tony Romo has to throw the ball somewhere and if he threw the ball to Jason Witten on every play, people would start to talk. So Miles Austin it is. After catching only five passes through the first four games, Austin has posted 16 catches for 421 yards and 4 touchdowns in his last two games. Huge numbers. And because he plays for the Cowboys — America's Team! (That It Most Likes To Hate!) — he's about to be a star.
Unfortunately, Austin is still probably going to struggles with the ladies. You see, he looks like this:

And even if there are women out there who have some sort of bestial (fishial?) attraction to piranha, Austin also has anexcessive sweat disorder. HOT!
But I digress. This isn't about Miles Austin and women. This is about men. Real men. Men who play fake football. Men like you.
So is Miles Austin a good fantasy pick up?
You better believe it.
He's not a flash in the pan?
Of course he is! He's a Dallas Cowboy. ButCowboys players usually don't completely go in the crapper until Week 16 or 17, or even sometimes in the first round of the playoffs, and by that time your fantasy season will be long over.