5 Days To MLB Playoffs: Philadelphia Phillies

There are only a few days until the start of the MLB playoffs and SportsPickle is previewing each playoff team. Today: Philadelphia Phillies.

NL East Champion / Playoff seed: TBD / NLDS opponent: TBD
The Phillies are the defending World Series champions. And when you are on top, everyone wants to knock you off.

Especially when one of your best players looks like this and this and this and carries around a teacup dog in his backpack.
Cole Hamels is so womanly it's a shock Brett Myers hasn't punched him.
Oh, by the way, if any Philies fans out there know the guy who threw the bottle so hard and accurately that it knocked that guy off the street light during the victory celebration last year, Philadelphia Police would like to bring him into custody. Then they want to turn him over to the Phillies so he can close in place of Brad Lidge.